Welcome to First Choice Pregnancy Services!

40,405+ Babies Saved.

There is no safer place for the unborn in Las Vegas.

Since 2004, 40,405+ babies have been saved out of our Las Vegas center. Our Center is located across the street from one of the busiest late-term abortion clinics in Nevada. We are a 501c3 Non-Proffit located at: 860 E. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Welcome to First Choice Pregnancy Services!

40,405+ Babies Saved.

There is no safer place for the unborn in

Las Vegas.

Since 2004, 40,405+ babies have been saved out of our Las Vegas center. Our Center is located across the street from one of the busiest late-term abortion clinics in Nevada.

Our Staff

First Choice Pregnancy Services team of qualified Sonographers who scan over 4,000 babies per year

Location & Directions

Our clinic is situated downtown Las Vegas and is always available for donors to stop by.


We take walk-in appointments and always free. Over 2,500 babies saved per year

We are a unique center focused on the unborn at the highest risk of abortion.

Our location, we believe, was ordained by God as we are footsteps away from the busiest and latest-term abortion clinic in Nevada. We are halfway down a cul-de-sac that leads to the killing. As such, our location is a huge strategic advantage in that everyone, in order to reach the abortion clinic, must pass by First Choice.

Our close proximity to such killing is a constant reminder that we are in a life-and-death struggle. Indeed, a large majority of the women we serve are actively seeking abortion services. We regularly serve women who have already scheduled an abortion. This gives us a strong sense of urgency to intervene and let them know that "God has other plans." There is no time to waste! We strive to provide life-saving ultrasound exams on the same day they are looking to abort.

We are grateful for God's mission that we "hold back those being led to the slaughter." While many pregnancy centers offer counseling, coaching, material and other services to happy moms with relatively safe babies, our mission is to serve the most difficult cases -- women intent on abortion. These are women on an abortion-bound trajectory. We trust God's provision for us in this mission, that the Holy Spirit will guide the words of our counselors, and He will ensure the women hear what's necessary.

We pray for the most difficult cases, and we align our services to meet the needs of every abortion-minded woman. Through focused marketing, we actively compete with the abortion clinics to attract women seeking abortion. These are women who feel hopeless and whose hearts are hardened. We have the doctors, staff and tools ready to defend the unborn, medically and spiritually. We are the only center in Nevada providing abortion reversals. This treatment is used when a woman has already taken RU-486 (e.g., the abortion pill) or has already started a late-term abortion (e.g., laminaria inserted). Abortion reversal often saves the life of the precious, defenseless child.

We engage with each woman as God sends them through our doors. We earn their trust by sharing the truth with Christian love and compassion. Through ultrasound technology, we are able to reveal the life that's been intricately knitted within them. The baby's survival rate significantly increases when a mother sees and hears her baby's heart beating. Most women seeking abortion will not wait for a scheduled appointment, or return for an ultrasound exam at a future date -- they must be served immediately!

We believe First Choice Pregnancy Services is the busiest pregnancy center in the nation by each of several metrics:

(1) # of Clients We See for Pregnancy Tests,

(2) # of Pregnant Clients At-Risk to Abortion,

(3) # of Ultrasound Exams,

(4) # of Babies Saved,

(5) # of Clients with whom the Gospel is Shared.

On an average day we perform 17 pregnancy tests, 14 positive pregnancy tests at-risk to abortion and 12 ultrasounds. Each day we share the Gospel with these same clients! And, each day 8-10 babies are saved from abortion! Glory to God!

As the model Abortion intervention center, we praise God for the opportunity to provide our services to abortion-minded walk-ins. From January 2021 through October 2021, we intervened with 545 such women carrying children otherwise bound for slaughter.

Please play video and prepare to be moved!


If you aren't familiar with First Choice Pregnancy Services, "FCPS," we are a Christian, local, non-profit pregnancy resource center on a mission to reach and serve women and their unborn babies, specifically, abortion-minded women. We are believed to be the single busiest pregnancy resource center in the nation.


“Located in the heart of Las Vegas, First Choice Pregnancy Services has a highly focused mission serving women seeking abortion. Spirit led, strategically located, utilizing innovative methods and with a strong sense of urgency, First Choice has served as a beacon to other pregnancy centers throughout their entire history. This is evidenced by First Choice winning NIFLA's annual pregnancy center award, among over a thousand centers, in only its third year of operation. Thanks be to God for the 36,000 babies' lives saved through this ministry! We look forward to God's future plans for First Choice.”

– Thomas Glessner, Founder and President of NIFLA. -2021


"From its very beginning, First Choice Pregnancy Services has maintained high levels of effectiveness not only for the Las Vegas community but across the nation. With a commitment to life-affirming compassion, the team at First Choice has pioneered cutting-edge adaptations to meet the dynamic needs of women (and men) facing unplanned pregnancy. They freely share their innovative methods with other pregnancy help centers. We celebrate the milestone of 36,000 babies' lives saved through God's ministry at First Choice. As one of the busiest centers in America -- whether in terms of at-risk women served, medical exams performed or babies saved -- First Choice serves as an exemplary center for our movement."

-Jor-El Godsey, President of Heartbeat International -2021

Onsite Departments

Free Ultrasounds

Free Pregnancy Testing

Free Pregnancy Consultations

Our Medical Director

Dr Hamza


"Many people treat addicts like criminals, animals and degenerates. I appreciate that I was treated with kindness, dignity and respect."

"Amazing staff! Thank you so much for providing this service for the community."

"This visit is something that my spirit needed to enlighten me with my decisions. I am very grateful for this facility."

Contact Information

Las Vegas, NV

(702) 294-2273


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